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moving forward

I am greatly enjoying the time away from work and spending what time i do with my amazing daughter, my room and my house is getting more sorted thanks to lots of free time to unpack and sort.

I am  taking the time to meditate more and sort my head out along with the physical things, i have not really told any one before but for years i have struggled with my body image i constantly think or see in the mirror that i am overweight and that is where some of the reason for the self harm used to come from.

Its a subject i am very bad at talking about openly so by doing this is i hope to make a step in opening up more.

I know logically that i am anything but overweight in fact according to most measurements i am smack in the middle of a normal weight range but that does not stop my stupid head telling me that i need to lose more......

I am using this as a motivation to get fitter and running more BUT crucially now i am eating healthier (on the whole)  i often used ot over exercise and eat v little.

I am enjoying being in my late 30s i feel comfortable within myself and my body

I have just completed the new design for Aim HIgh Martial Arts at please tell me what you think i appriecate any feedback both positive and negative 

I have a question for you all what do you lot think i should do as a career/job ??  

Tags: confident, curious, happy, open
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