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Now i have never needed much.........which now is proving a good thing for when i am at home and alone without my daughter i pretty much wake up 2 or 3 times a night worrying about her and hoping she is ok....

And when i am at her place i wake up more because she is a baby and tha'ts normal....

This has been going on since November and i have to admit i am pretty dam tired most of the day and oddly awake a lot of the night

At first just after she was born i was waking up just to check she was real.....

Now its more "what if something has happened and i am not there" or "what if she needs me and i am not there?" and if i am there "what was that noise is she ok?"

Crazy i am starting to get forgetful and feeling oddly spaced out most of the time...

I cant count the amount of of odd bruises and burns from doing stupid shit like picking up a hot coffee pot because for some reaosn i forgot it was hot??

So now its time for another 2 or 3 hours sleep or more i hope
Tags: baby, kwauwau, mia, sleep, tired
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