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An amazing day i hope to always remember

First let me start by sayng that i will not be using a lj cut for this and it might be ramble on a little......

I woke up got a ready and at around midday hopped on a tram to go meet my daughter for a day out with her , On getting off the tram i find my daughter her beautiful mum sitting in the shade under a tree , i wave and they both smile.....

After hugs and a smiles we wandered back to Jacey's house and collected buggy, food etc and off we wandered with Mia in her buggy.

We first went to the swings where every time the swing came towards me my daughter giggled and her face lit up like a thousand Christmas mornings had all come at once i find it wonderful and humbling that we could have created this amazing little human....

Off we popped onto the tram heading i thought to see the birds at the Arboretum in fact we stumbled across the green festival a few very good friends and more to giggle and smile about from MIa's point of view, sometimes the music was too loud and she got a sad but i was able to deftly bring her attention and help her smile again, which by the way i now count as one of the skills in life i am very pleased and blessed to have.

Then the short walk to my place where nappies were change and food eaten (and spread all over the place!) and LOTS of rolling on the bed attempting to sing along to Annie Lennox both pretty unsuccessfully though i have to admit i think Mia was more in tune yhan i!

And finally another trip on the tram to deliver her home where she slept peacefully with a smile for an hour or so then another walk around Bullwell inventing the concept of "Toy Karma" and more time on the swing, slide and roundabout 

2012-06-10 18.11.59

I am now home alone in my room.....truly happy, content and blessed

Thank you to the universe for today
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