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Life is moving forward YAY

So i am at a strange point in my life, i am still unsure of what i want to do as a career or what i am really skilled in.....

I have started working for an amazing cycle courier company riding an Adtrike which is most fun and this may develop into a perm position ....

I love being a dad and that is all i can really think of most of the time.

i am happy and feel content right now and this is good but perhaps this is also why i am not overly motivated.....

I am loving life seeing my daughter smile makes my entire day/week/month and year better every time and i get to see her most days right now which is AWESOME

Health wise everything is ACE i can see my new job making me seriously fit very soon

I have also got a friend who is a writer looking at this blog with a view to using it to create a story or a series of short stories about the 90s party and drug culture from the point of view of a person who lived it which is really exciting.

Have a great day all of you i am off to work and will be riding around the city centre of Nottingham today if you see me say HI!
Tags: baby, happy, job, kwuawau, yay
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