Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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A friend today said "bro you need to start dating" , my first response is why? and then how ? and then so many other questions.

I have never really dated just found people in clubs, and i am not even sure i want to ...........

I have the usual moving sadness, finding things that have memories to people and times lost...........i seem to store these memories in a place that POPS up when i put things in boxes???

Work is stressful and so tiring ...i want to be with my baby girl MORE just not sure how to achieve this???

Do i need another person in my life............????

Would another person even fit in my life???

I still appear to be losing weight but this is a mild concern

So i need to date?, if the answer yes HOW do i do that?

First i have to move house i am really looking forward to the new house ...
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