Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

fasting and happiness

Yesterday went really well i managed ot fast for around 24 hours and only ate in the evening.

I have decided that i will make this a weekly thing and not eat after Sunday evening till either Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

Today i feel very alert and awake and like i have LOTS more energy and i have not even had coffee yet!

Meditation is going well and my brain seems to be able to switch into that calmer mode MUCH easier than a few weeks ago and i think the calm is slowly seeping into all areas of my life which is great.

Squidge is doing REALLY well and is always smiling and squeeking and seems like a very happy, chatting and curious little lady indeed.

When i am around her i feel happy and content in a more complete way than i have before ^_^

I am picking her shortly and taking her to the park and have an afternoon with dad which i am probably looking forward to more than she is !!!!

The next thing on my list of self improvement is more exercise i have been getting lazy and soft recently , so back to running once or twice a week then improve from there.

I have missed my daily LJ posts and i think this helps me put some perspective on where things are so i will be posting a lot more often again.
Tags: baby, exercise, meditation, squidge

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