Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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another step forward maybe one or two back?

I have decided to find my adopted father Jim Clarke, i know roughly where he is and i am fairly confident that i can locate him, I have not seen him i told him i was getting married many many years ago , i have not had cause or reason or the desire to i simply had nothing to talk to him about.

Now i do..he has a beautiful grand daughter and no matter what has passed between me and him he deserves to know that.

I am not intending on him meeting Mia but i will take pictures with me when i go knock on his door

I know better than most that we all make stupid mistakes and do stupid things...

Maybe this is in part me closing a chapter and putting some things in my head in order , maybe i am grateful to those that have forgiven me for various ...actions and now its time to do the same
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