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Thanks to a recent facebook thread i realized a few things about myself so  i took this into my meditation and thought i would share.

In my working life as you all know i have had A LOT of jobs, partly this is down to the sector i often find myself in, call centre and sales work tend to be a very high turn over area and it is not that uncommon to move a round.  But  part of it is my inbuilt in desire to say what i think and if i believe i am in the right my inability to back down.

Now i am not saying that this is a bad thing i honestly have disagreed with my employers in some cases i was clearly right, with one employers i very nearly got fired over essentially defending myself again a homophobic moron.

On that occasion i did keep my job but i certainly did not endear myself to them at all.

I am more than happy in my personal life to walk away from arguments i see no point in having and do quite often, BUT in my working life this seems to not happen?

Do you guys think i am over opinionated or obstinate??

I try keep an open mind, i know recently i have been accused of not doing so BUT i think that case is slightly different due to that particular disagreement it seemed like that to the other person as i was going from experience i knew action X would like to consequence Y  so i was ruling out action X as a possibility, from there point of view action X seemed like the best thing to do.

And when i tried to explain the discussion was already to heated so i left it and walked away.
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