Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

Oddly melancholic this morning?

Recently i have been having VERY vivid and somewhat disturbing dreams, mostly about the past and people i no longer speak with or cannot...

Is this some kind of sign that i am moving away from the person i once was?

I tend towards viewing my past memories with some level of cynicism as i know a lot of what i "remember" was from some kind of altered state.

I always get oddly depressed this time of year, and i know i have no reason to.

My life on the whole is pretty good i will soon be starting a new job, my little girl is more amazing than ever and i feel quite .... settled.

And maybe therein lies the problem whenever i sense my life is starting to work out i seem to get confused, i just kinda expect it not to.

Does this make any sense??
Tags: life, melancholy, odd, questions
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