Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

A decision

After chatting with the ever lovely and always insightful eglantinedreams i have decided to try and impose some kinda of structure and plan onto my daily existence, so when i go see the little one tonight i shall ask her mum if we continue the Friday night daddy stay over and then she gets a night off if she wants to go out or ....

I spend all of Saturday with the little miss and pretty much every evening except Thursdays and i have Sunday to clean and sort out my housework.

And if little miss wants to stay over mine on Friday or Saturday thats also fine

I think this is reasonable??

In other news i am at home today and have called in sick as i feel MASSIVELY run down have an upset stomach and it took 2 co codamol  for me to make it to the lounge ??
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