Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

So moving again

So the the other night i went to a friends place to check out a loft bed, and instead i found a new house !!!!

It has a room a little larger than the one i have right now  AND best of all it has a box room that i can make lovely for the little lady YAY

It not on a main road and the front of the house overlooks a lovely promenade with tree's that it looks like this ...

The forest Recreation ground is right next door AND i have registered with the local gym/swimming pool so me and the Little lady can go swimming together and have lovely walks !

The guy i will be living with has been a great friend for many many years.

So over the next few weeks i shall be packing and moving back to Forest Fields and decorating

Tags: house, housemate, moving, squidge
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