Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

so tired...always tired

So moving house, packing and sorting and throwing away, so many memories found cards and presents from lost friends and missing ones.

Couple this with work and trying to see Mia for a couple of hours a day while being ,moaned and nagged by her mum that i am not doing enough means i get home everyday in pain from my shoulder, neck, back and so tired i could cry some days,

I now wake up on most days an immediately throw up, i know this is just stress but it's still not a great sign.

Soon this will be sorted and i will be in a new place relaxing with my little girl in HER OWN ROOM!

I have asked work if i could drop a day and work Mon - Thurs i don't really see any way i can be with the little lady more at present.

Right oh off to work

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