Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

Wow another i am back post

So i now i have been busy and have taken another break from here, i guess i am trying to find out how this fits with my life now?

So i am taking a step back Lj for me was a way to store and track how i was feeling and it also acted as a kind of confessional, if the thoughts were out of my head and written down then that gave then a kinda shape that i could see and understand.

So thats where i return to a mostky daily log of ny thoughts.

My life right now is very split, i am so happy being a dad,with my job, and most parts of it.

But being ill with my shoulder is super tough,not being able to be as physical and active has removed a coping mechinism i will find a way around it i am sure.

I will tell you all lots more soon


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