Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

Spring cleaning and sorting out

This year I intend to have a proper sort out of all my stuff, this will included clothes and well EVERYTHING

To this end i have booked all of April off work and will be looking to heavily reduce the amount of stuff I have.

This will make any future housemoves much easier and a good old declutter is always good news.

I am also having some new ink done as a sign of moving forward I am having the Amnesty international symbol on my upper right arm

I intend to get more involved in work for them again like i used to be I feel it is such an important cause and its time to reflect that in my daily life again.

I will also be setting up my new PC and starting mining litecoins and getting involved in a project with a friend

My other uses for the pc will be as somewhere to continue writing my book which I hope to have finished the first draft within the next year and as a media server for the house.

Can't wait for April now....
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