Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

so the start to many things

so havnt written on here for a while, this has been mostly down to my wonderfully busy and partly down to not having a lot to really say.

I feel a new phase of my life is starting  for the past year and half i have been unwell and then recovering and then being ill agaiin and so on.

I am however now starting to feel like myself again , i have an amazing family and freinds  and they have been lot of help.

I am still in pain but i have come ot term with the being kind to myself thing and knowing when to push myself and when not to, and i am now finding my new limits.

I have an amazing new bike which is simple one of the best bikes i have ever ridden and thanks to the bike to work scheme and i am riding again ad taking it easy (which i hate) but accept.

Meditation is helping me come to terms with new limitations and i have started writing again, and am currently forming a structure for "the book" and am starting to get a feel for how it is coming together.

so life is looking up, i have a few goals that i have thought about carefully and know they are achievable

1) get back into shape i have about 3 or 4 percent more body at than i would like

2) get my cardio back which is a lot out of wack right now

so i think this is the it for now more soon happy days to you all

*peace and love *

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