Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

So over the course of the years since 2001 when i started this blog, I have changed and been many aspects of myself, i paid just £70 for a lifetime account account on here and i intend to keep writing here. Sometimes i have written here most days, sometimes once or twice a month, through all of the time i have spent writing it has helped give me clarity, laughs and other emotions, but it has always served a reflection of who i am and how i was.

I hope one day my darling daughter you are reading these words you have been part of one of the largest changes in my life and wholeheartedly for the better.

I have been many versions of myself had different names and personas over the years and this blog has reflected all of these.

I suppose on some level i am proud of this place and on others embarrassed and amused by it.

I hope to write here for many more years and i hope that it will one day provide an insight to you my daughter as to who i have been and who i was/am

I wonder what next year will bring , i look back at this one and i am thankful for another year with you and seeing you become a five year old and holding your hand on the beach while camping these are things i will hold in my mind and heart for as long as i am breathing.

I love spending time with you , i love ALL of your questions and i love showing you new things, you make so many things new for me again and discovering how you see the world amazes me daily.

I look forward to all the times we are going to share together

So this is me and this place is mine,it is both and many more things besides.
Tags: reflection, squidge, thoughts, tinylady
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