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Loss and music

This week we lost Chris Cornell

Now most times when a celebrity dies it is sad and a loss but overall it doesn't hit me as hard as this has

His music in his many bands was super important to me, i came of age in the early 90s and Soundgarden,Temple of the dog was always on.

Later in my life through some very tough times Audioslave and his voice helped me understand and phrase where I was in my head.

I still am processing this loss I am crying a little as I write this.

His songs and his voice communicated something to me and meant something to me

I don't think there will be another voice like his, it was unique and beautiful and something more I don't really have the word to express

Goodbye and thank you for your music I know there have been times where without it I might have gone down another far more self destructive​ path and might very well not be here to write this
Tags: death, loss, music, sad
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