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Change is everywhere and everything is impermanent

But for me I tend to stay pretty much the same for a few years then suddenly change a whole lot of things about myself.

For the past few years I have been recovering from surgery and adjusting to work and fatherhood , so the majority of my habits and my daily routine has stayed pretty much set

Recently I have felt the desire to change ,my shoulder and arthritis are feeling ok most days, so the gym has make a welcome return, and with that realising just how out of shape i had gotten.

I also realised I was drinking more than I was happy with and that led to a series of questionable decisions I wasn't totally happy with.

And if I really want to get back in shape then the drinking had to go.

That then led to a more open thoughtful and reflective time in my meditation as i had already accepted I had needed to change some things , so then inevitably led to more changes.

Now I am mostly through that process and my daily routine has changed a lot and smoking, drinking and a few other things are not part of it anymore.

This is allgood , I believe change is not only good but will happen whether we accept it or not.

I wonder what's next ...
Tags: changes, excited, life, optimistic
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