Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

Another week in the life of me ^_^

I am really liking sitting down on a Saturday morning and putting my week and my thoughts down here.

Firstly i am so very proud of my AMAZING daughter, watching her do her homework and learn and seeeing her grow is AWESOME,.

I never expected to be a father or to be fair wanted to , and then one amazing day and one amazing lady changed all of that and i am so very thankful for that decision and for Jacey.

Before Mimi i was kinda drifting , i had depression and i suppose i was very directionless and as a result i often made bad decisions and didnt really look after myself.

Now after 6 years as a father i realise that Mia gave me a lot of direction and a lot of purpose, i dont really get depressed anymore or live that life anymore, i dont miss it in fact i am happy more now than i have been since i was a child.

I dont have time for those darker thoughts most of the time , i have a job i love, a daughter who constantly amazes me.

Being a father is tiring, and stessfull and oddly those are exactly the things that help me not be depressed.

This week has been hectic as always , my work is constantly challenging me and forcing me to learn and adjust, and it awesome.  I llike my team and the poeple i work with amd i really enjoy the work.

I have had my Acer Chromebook 14 now for a couple of weeks and it awesome, it does everything i need and just works , its quick and i keep finding new things it can do and it fits really well into my life.

I hope you are all well and happy?

Tags: chromebook, daughter, happy, life, parenting

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