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Alan Clarke

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Small steps

 This week has been tiring but overall very positive, I have managed to grate cheese, brush my hair and shave ALL WITH MY RIGHT HAND

All this and my normal physio have caused pain levels to be very high but i can handle

Work has been good i am starting to feel like i actually know what i am doing YAY

I think i have found a really good home for my bike , a good mate is hopefully buying it, this means i know its going to a good home and it will be loved and enjoyed as it should and while sad i know its a good move both for my own mental health and moving forward and for the bike it needs to be enoyed.

Hopefully one day not so far away i will be able to ride a bike again and if so i will buy myself a Brompton

as this will work better for my lifestyle and will be something to look forward to.
Tags: bikes, physio, work

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