Moments of joy

So first things first, my shoulder is getting better i have a little more  movement and a little less pain so that's good.

Work is ok i enjoy my role immensely , working 37.5 hours a week combined with my normal pain levels is very very tiring but with mediation and medication it is ok

The part of my life that makes everything good and happy is the time i spend with my darling daughter, reading with her and helping her learn new things is AWESOME, to see her eyes light up and her face crumple when she is told something new is AMAZING

I love her so very much , i know i am biased but to me she is simply AMAZING

I love watching her work things out and chatting with her, even when she makes mistakes i can understand how she arrived at that conclusion and correcting her is always a fine line between praise for thoughts and conclusions while at the same time carefully correcting the small errors.

I am amazed how fast she can adapt and absorb information and use that to correct her thoughts and conclusions.

I love being a dad and i love being her dad, it is a role i never expected but it is one i feel has given me a new purpose in life.

I hope you are all well and happy and i hope you are finding the moments of joy in your life.


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