Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

A scary week but good things come from challanges we meet and rise to

So this time last week i started to get a stomach bug i couldn't keep anything in me for a few days and then on Tuesday morning i was admitted to the QMC tachycardic and with Acute Kidney Injury stage 3 ( the final stage before full and total renal failure)

There was lots of procedures and lots of all sort of things i won't bother to describe as they are mostly unimportant they mostly fixed me.

The Nurses and doctors were AMAZING without their amazing,kind,generous and all round wonderful care i might not be writing this in my own home or at all

I am home now and have been for a couple of days i am eating , drinking and getting back the weight i lost and recovering, every day is a little better and this process is always about small steps i know this.

Now for the hard part

I have been an idiot...

Let me explain for most of my life i have been a VERY active person often riding in excess of 40 miles a week , running, gym etc and i have always had and still have a great recovery rate, and i allowed myself to coast on that , often drinking too much , smoking etc

BUT i am in my 40s now not my 20s and i have known inside for a while that i should make a few life changes and have been mostly allowing myself to ignore and coast

NOT any longer i now HAVE to make some pretty drastic changes ,  so as of monday when i have exhausted my existing food supplies i am going vegetarian , drinking it gone, so is most of the coffee and  all the energy drinks and while i am limited by my osteoarthritis i also need to find a way to exercise A LOT MORE

I haven't been kind to my physical self , not sleeping enough , living on caffeine and not caring for my body instead kind being at odds with it,trusting that it would sort itself out


I am ready for this new stage and while i feel pretty rough right now i ok with this and it gives me time to sort out all the things i need to change


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