Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke


Its a odd thing recovering , it implies that pre whatever issue you had you were ok and everything was fine, however for me i live osteoarthritis so before my kidneys shut down i really wasnt ok

I was living on 5-10 dihydrocodeine a day, 1 or 2 amitriptyline a night and various other over the counter painkillers

However while i thought that was for the pan in my shoulder i think a lot of it was me avoiding life, i wasn't really sleeping or eating properly and i most certainly wasn't taking care of myself.

This has now changed i have realised with proper care and attention spent on what i eat and making sure i sleep well i can mitigate a lot of the pain in my shoulder and drastically reduce my over painkiller intake.

Also by becoming a vegetarian i can give my kidneys and liver a break and reduce my carbs down a little more ( i am now eating less than 40g of carbs a day) and this all helps with the inflammation in my shoulder.

I have also made the sensible move to avoid all booze and smoking and have mostly cut caffeine out ( i still like a cup of tea in the morning)

I have managed to increase the amount of water i drink and i will be buying a Zero water filter on payday.

So instead of recovering i have managed to increase my overall health beyond what it was before the entire kidney injury ,stomach bug incident.

I feel a lot better than i have in a long time, and soon i will be returning to exercising 2 or 3 times a week ( not sure when or what yet) i will be starting with walking to to and from work  everyday and then when my shoulder improves will be buying a new bike.


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