After my recent scare i have discovered a new love for EVERYTHING 

LIfe is bright , colourful , manic, busy and all round AMAZING

I am looking forward to many good things this year that i am planning for me and Squidge

First and foremost is the holiday i am planning in July

Me, Dan, Jim and Squidge are all going up to the lakes for a few days it’s going to be EPIC a few days in lovely part of the country in a luxury caravan, LOTS of fresh air and fun

More than anything i love every second i spend with my amazing daughter, watching her smile and laugh and well just about everything she does.

I am enjoying walking to work , being at work , chilling at home and i am simply HAPPY

Meditation is easier than ever and i feel like i am going deeper than ever, i am currently using Theta music and it has really opened up a new mental landscape for me, i suspect it's a combination of the recent scare and this but the reason is unimportant.

I hope you are well and happy ? 


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